If you would like to have a professional video done of your business simply contact us and before you know it, your video will be ready. Our professional team works quickly but efficiently to produce the best video to properly promote your business – and we don’t stop there.. we help you promote it through social media and the network so you get maximum exposure right away. It is not uncommon to receive thousands of video views in a short period of time through our aggressive marketing techniques that are included in your purchase.

You also receive a shorter version of your video to use on google for extra exposure on this popular search engine. Google recently opened up their search engine to include video shorts and they love to rank businesses with video high. So don’t miss out on this avenue.

We help you every step of the way. Contact us now so we can book our filming crew and have a video ready for you to use soon.

Contact us at 613-888-2428 or email thecrew@qpond.ca

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