Qpond is happy to present  the Quinte Network … a place to showcase and create the short promotional videos we offer for local businesses. Just one location of many that we utilize your professional business video to promote your business.  

  We have witnessed the incredible positive effects video and story has for local businesses and want to offer this service to many more local companies.

  Every business has a story to tell and we specialize in bringing that story to life through video production. These stories resonate with current and future customers to build relationships. Take a look at some of our past videos to see what we mean.

 We combine the power of video with the power and reach of social media to get these stories into the minds of thousands of local people and visitors who are most likely to be interested in the messages. Social media is FAST. We’ve seen people responding to video promotions just minutes after they go live.

If you have a business or know of a business that could benefit from a business video, or just have questions,  then please contact us to discuss how we can bring your story to life – and bring you more new customers.

  Thanks for visiting Qpond. Welcome to the Pond!